Molly Sorg

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of work and life, or feel hopeless about the future? Is your internal critic the loudest voice you hear? Are you longing to feel seen and heard by your significant other? If any of these situations sound familiar, Molly is definitely the therapist for you.

With compassion and acceptance, Molly helps clients shine a light on their patterns, assumptions, and deeply ingrained habits to create space for personal growth and healing. As a solution-focused narrative therapist, Molly works alongside her clients as they gain the insight and confidence they need to write their next chapters with agency.

Molly’s clients often fit one of these descriptions:

  • Professionals navigating the intense demands of high-pressure careers
  • People who struggle with their own self-worth, resulting in a constant state of self-doubt and anxiety; difficulty creating and maintaining boundaries; feelings of imposter syndrome; or complicated relationships with food and body acceptance
  • Women feeling weighed down by the unrelenting demands of our ‘never enough’ society
  • Couples who desire to create a stronger foundation, enhance intimacy and connection, release resentment, or heal existing wounds


Molly has a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Indiana University, a J.D. from the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and is completing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas. She has completed the Level I and Level II trainings in Gottman Method Couples Therapy in addition to completing courses taught by relationship experts Thais Gibson, Dr. Alexandra Solomon, and Esther Perel.

With her training and nearly 20 years of experience as a corporate executive, lawyer, and consultant, Molly is uniquely qualified to support her clients through the change process. And as a certified yoga instructor and lifelong student of nutrition, Molly recognizes that if one leg of the stool is broken, everything comes crashing to the ground. It is with this holistic perspective that Molly helps her clients find a renewed zest for work, life, and relationships. Change is possible. Molly would love to help you find it.

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