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New Roots Counseling About Megan Jackson

Meagan Jackson, LPC-S
Parenting Specialist

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New Roots Counseling About Brianna Henderson

Brianna Henderson, LPC, RPT

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New Roots Counseling About Katy Branchflower

Katy Branchflower, LPC

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New Roots Counseling About Abigail Scallon

Abigail Scallan, LPC Associate

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New Roots Counseling About Avery Clement

Avery Clement, LPC Associate

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New Roots Counseling About Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams, LPC Associate

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Counseling Frisco Tx Counselors Kelsey Headshot

Kelsey Allison, LPC Associate

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Counseling Frisco Tx Team Molly Macpherson 3

Molly Macpherson
Master’s Student Intern

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New Roots Counseling About Katie Zuvernik

Katie Zuverink, LPC-S
Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

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Core Services

Counseling Frisco, TX for Adults

At New Roots Counseling Frisco TX, we are driven to provide excellent care to our clients. This means that every clinician specializes in the issue they are most passionate about. For example, Abigail Scallan works with adults who have experienced trauma, while Katy Branchflower focuses on working with women and families who are struggling with anxiety and relationship issues, as well as postpartum issues. Molly Macpherson, whose first career was as an attorney, loves to help people with career development.


Kids Counseling / Children’s Counseling Frisco TX

Counseling for kids, tweens and teens is SUPER specialized. It isn’t something a counselor can just say that they do. Some therapists will say “oh yeah that’s another group of people I treat.” We have specialists who spent their entire master’s degree and all their follow up experience dedicated to learning about child/adolescent development, parenting interventions, etc. Avery Clement works with children who are struggling with anxiety and family transitions. Brianna focuses her work with teens and tweens and families going through divorce. Meagan Jackson specializes in working with parents (and is brilliant when working with high conflict families), and families with highly specialized issues such as trichotillomania and feeding issues.

We believe that the family system is where most of the change occurs and where the support needs to happen. We will partner with you in our kids counseling / children’s counseling Frisco TX, you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.


Couples Counseling Frisco TX

Premarital Counseling Frisco TX: Did you know that couples who go through Premarital Counseling are 31% less likely to get divorced? Impressive!
Marriage Counseling Frisco TX: Whether you and your partner have experienced a big obstacle that you’re not sure how to overcome, or you just need some help reconnecting, our specialists can help. Abigail Scallan specializes in working with couples. This is also an area of focus for Molly Macpherson as well.


Parenting Solutions

These parenting solutions are not specifically counseling, but are more specialized to the therapists who work closely with the family law community and divorce processes.

Co-Parenting Coaching: When two parents are trying to raise one child (or set of siblings) from two homes, the chaos can barely be contained. We certainly know. But don’t you worry. We have 2 absolute specialists in this area. They can quickly help you identify any problem areas and get communication back on track. 

Parenting Plans: This refers to the process of creating parenting plans (custody plans) during the divorce process or updating the parenting plans after you’ve already been divorced for a while. Everything from determining the schedule of when your kiddos will be with which parent, all the way through how each holiday will be handled each year. We can help you with that process. 

Parent Coordination: This is a service in which we assist families to implement their parenting plans. It can be helpful for families in which there is a high level of conflict. It can be mandated by a court, or it can be voluntary.


Divorce Solutions

Collaborative Divorce – a more private, less contentious, thoughtful, dignified way of ending your marriage, with minimal (or no) court involvement. This service is provided by Katie Zuverink.

New Roots Counseling in Frisco, TX, can help you with your counseling Frisco TX needs. New Roots Counseling was founded in 2022 and provides counseling for adults, children’s counseling, couples counseling, individual counseling, counseling for teens and tweens, and family counseling for Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, The Colony, Prosper and surrounding cities.

At New Roots Counseling in Frisco, we only hire the most thoughtful and creative counselors for your counseling Frisco TX needs. They are all driven to work WITH you, learning what your hopes and goals are, then helping you achieve them in a way that works for you and your family. The counselors who work here (although they all have a different specialty) are super committed to great care for our clients.

Our counseling Frisco TX is the best option for you because we believe in giving back to the community. New Roots Counseling Frisco donates a portion of our profits to various non-profits each month. Each of our counselors selects a non-profit that they are passionate about each year, and New Roots Counseling commits to donating a portion of profits that organization. You can feel proud that a portion of your counseling session goes to the mental health and wellness of other Texans.

Every employee cares deeply for the patients who need counseling in Frisco TX. New Roots owner Katie shares, “Most of us who work here have really seen some incredibly sad and difficult things in our lives or careers, from relationships crumbling to severe mental health issues really taking hold of someone’s life and livelihood. That’s sort of what motivates all of us in one way or another,” according to Katie. For Katie herself, it was watching family after family in the first 10 years of her career go through the divorce process.

We not only help children but we help couples with their counseling Frisco TX needs. “They would come in, completely committed to doing things fairly, not fighting, putting their kids first, and setting a good example. By about the third or fourth month, all that was out the window. They weren’t speaking anymore, they were fighting over the kitchen table, the kids were miserable and so were the parents. It just doesn’t have to be this way.” So, the counselors at New Roots Counseling in Frisco are committed to helping the Frisco community through counseling and education about various topics: from parenting all the way to infertility and anxiety counseling. “We can definitely help you make things more manageable and less painful.”

New Roots Counseling Frisco TX also works with adults, providing anxiety counseling and depression counseling when things become too difficult to manage on your own. We know that sometimes the symptoms become so overwhelming that you just need some extra help. We know what that feels like, and we are here to help you with some anxiety counseling or depression counseling.

At New Roots Counseling in Frisco, we believe the space also needs to feel great for your counseling Frisco TX needs. The owner Katie says “Our Frisco Counseling office is designed to be comfortable, inviting and lived-in modern. When I go to my own counseling, I want to look forward to being in the space. That’s how we want you to feel. When you get here, check yourself in, grab a cup of coffee or a drink and a snack.” The furniture and offices are finished out beautifully – and that’s for you! We believe that if you don’t feel good in a space, you can’t relax enough to be vulnerable and make change there.

At New Roots Counseling Frisco TX, we know that when things in your house start to spin out of control, your entire world starts to feel off-center. We can help you get back to center and back on firm footing.

You deserve to feel confident in the decisions you’re making and the path that you’re on. If you don’t feel that way, it’s time to do something about it. Call us or submit an interest form so we can contact you and get you started right away at New Roots Counseling in Frisco.

What happens when you submit an interest form or call us?
You’ll hear from us right away. Within 1-2 business hours, you will receive a call, email or text message (whichever you’ve requested) to help set up your counseling session at our Frisco office (or online). We will answer any questions you have, and get you scheduled.