Arielle Stradford, Master’s Student Intern

Arielle is finishing up a master’s degree in School Counseling, focusing on play therapy. With a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a specialization in elementary education, Arielle brings a comprehensive understanding of child development and educational psychology to her practice. She is dedicated to creating safe and nonjudgmental environments where children, teens, and young adults can be supported emotionally.

She uses play therapy with children to help them regulate their emotions, navigate friendships, and develop essential social skills. Arielle also provides personalized guidance and support in navigating the critical life stage for teens and recent high school graduates transitioning to adulthood. She helps clients explore career paths, develop practical life skills, and build resilience as they adjust to new responsibilities and challenges.

Understanding the importance of a supportive home environment, she collaborates closely with parents to provide strategies that promote consistency and growth. She empowers families to navigate challenges and strengthen relationships within the context of their values.


  • Play Therapy
  • Children and Teens
  • Parents

Arielle’s clients often fit one of these descriptions:

  • Children and teens who are struggling with anxiety, behaviors that seem out of their norm, or who are going through big transitions (divorce, changes in schools, families blending, etc.)
  • Young adults who are trying to figure out what is next… navigating life and relationships post college.


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