Katie Zuverink, LPC-S

New Roots Counseling About Katie Zuvernik

LPC Supervisor

Katie empowers families who are rearranging due to divorce, but who desperately want to move forward in a positive, kind, and thoughtful way. She works with partners who are un-coupling, assisting them in communicating excellently, to ensure that all parties come out of the transition feeling confident and content in their new lives.

Katie’s clients often fit one of these profiles:
– Parents who are committed to parenting well after the family is rearranged, but who are unsure of exactly how to get there
– Partners who desire an ongoing positive relationship with each other after the separation or divorce
– Spouses who aren’t sure they can make it through the divorce process with their sanity intact

“Through the first 10 years of my career as a child and family therapist, I was continually heartbroken by the pain experienced during divorce. Much of this damage was avoidable. Parents who started with good will were encouraged to demand more, tolerate less, and dig their heels in. While I know there is a place for this type of approach, I find that the majority of the time a gentler approach is most beneficial to all involved.”

“Watching 10 years of families disintegrate into long-term conflict led me to look for a different way. Then I found Collaborative Divorce and Mediation.”

“Many of my former clients report that they were able to stay focused on their goals of peaceful, positive relationships, which enabled them to negotiate in a more productive way during the process. Attorneys I have partnered with report that I keep the team focused and efficient, and that I keep the emotional “wheels on” when meetings become difficult.”
“I’d love to connect and learn about your family and the transition you’re going through.”

Katie’s Specialties:

  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Parenting Planning
  • Counseling Supervision


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