Our Giveback

At New Roots Counseling Frisco, giving back to our community one of the reasons we exist. We believe in supporting groups who lift up our DFW and North Texas community in real and important ways. Once per year, each of our counselors is asked to research and identify a non-profit that they feel is making a significant difference. Here are the non-profits that our counselors have selected for 2024:


Postpartum Support International (PPSI)

This organization was created to bring awareness and resources to women and men who are struggling with postpartum mood disorders, such as Anxiety and Depression. Postpartum Support International has created a hub of information and resources for parents of infants, individuals struggling with perinatal mood disorders and the general public interested in resources that may help a loved one. While awareness is growing, there is still a long way to go.

Most women and men are still not aware of many signs of postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. Advocacy and public education are so needed. This is why in 2024, New Roots Counseling Frisco will be focusing on creating more content around this topic. We are committed to serving new families in this difficult time.

As well as providing online support groups and resources, Postpartum Support International puts on the world’s largest annual fundraising and awareness event each year, called Climb Out of the Darkness. New Roots Counseling Frisco is proud to be a supporter of Postpartum Support International.

Family Bonding Time.


Denton County Friends of the Family:

Did you know that Denton County Friends of the Family provides no-cost services (like counseling, transitional housing, and summer camps) to families who are going through court intervention in Denton county? Court intervention could be due to domestic violence, alcohol/drug use, CPS involvement, etc.

They also partner with the community to provide safety, hope and healing. Those of us who have been working in the North Texas area for several years have come to know how beneficial their services are for the families they work with.

Among other things, Denton County Friends of the Family has been around since 1980 and have helped thousands of families to reach stability and gain skills to become healthy long term. They come highly recommended in the Denton area, and New Roots Counseling Frisco is proud to support them.


Lovepacs of Frisco

This volunteer-led organization was created to help the “food insecure” (or kids who aren’t sure if they’re going to eat when they get home from school, or during school breaks). Lovepacs gathers food for low-income kiddos and provides packs of food for the kids to bring home with them after school, or during long school breaks. They deliver food packs all over the school district to make sure kids don’t go hungry after school, during summer, or over the holiday breaks! Lovepacs is a bigger organization, with locations in several places through the metroplex. New Roots Counseling Frisco is very happy to be an ongoing supporter of their Frisco location!

Volunteers Packing At A Local Food Bank


Project Transformation

Project Transformation partners up three groups of people: college aged adults, elementary and middle school kids, and churches: with the intent of 1) providing community-based after school and summer camp programming for children in underserved neighborhoods, and 2) helping the college-aged young adults explore their career opportunities in ministry-based fields. Their mission is to build long and lasting relationships between the children and the young adults. The effect of their work is that they are bringing opportunities to youth in urban areas to engage in activities like horseback riding, archery, dance, mountain biking, high and low ropes challenge course, art, music, swimming, volleyball, football, basketball, and fishing.

The youth also get the valuable experience of engaging in service projects, career development and book discussions. Over 80 of the youth have returned to become camp counselors and mentors themselves!

New Roots Counseling Giveback Project Transformation


Refresh Frisco

Refresh Frisco is a female-run non-profit organization that focuses on making hygiene products more accessible to adolescents in Frisco. As we all know, hygiene products are incredibly expensive. Just like food, not every family can afford all the products that are needed all the time. Refresh Frisco has decided to address this issue and make packs of hygiene products available to adolescents in Frisco. They gather essential items like deodorant, hairbrushes, menstrual products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, etc. and organize delivery to area schools. These packs go to kids who need access to these types of products and wouldn’t otherwise have them. What a gift they are to the Frisco community! New Roots Counseling Frisco is beyond proud to support them on an ongoing basis.

New Roots Counseling Giveback Refresh Frisco

One of New Roots Counseling Frisco’s Core Values is Community Influence. We believe whole-heartedly in supporting these organizations and each of their missions to support and empower the community. We could not be more thrilled to partner with these organizations in furthering whole-person wellness in our communities.