My name’s Meagan Jackson and I’m a licensed professional counselor and play therapist at New Roots Counseling Frisco Texas. Today we’re going to talk about what you should be telling your kiddos when you’re coming to play therapy. And so one, we want to tell ’em one who you’re going to meet with. Two, tell them about the play space here at New Roots. This is our playroom, so you can tell ’em they got lots of toys, lots of things, and that they’re going to come meet with one of our therapists. Then you’ll tell ’em about the name of the therapist, and then during your parent consult, your play therapist will be giving you some better verbiage about why they’re coming. So they’re going to give you some good scripts about why we’re coming to meet with Ms. Meagan to work on our big feelings or things.

We want to make the space theirs, and so we don’t want to use any language that creates shame or because they’re bad or anything like that. So we want to really encourage this fun place for them to come play. This is a fun space, where kids get to play with all the toys and do lots of fun things.

It’s also a hard space, so there may be days where they’re super excited and there may be days that they’re not excited at all. That’s okay. We’re used to that. Your kid may not be super excited about coming to play with us in the beginning, and we are okay. We get it. These are hard things that your kiddos are working through and coming here is new and different. Really, the big things we want to help you guys with is tell your kids about the playroom. What they’re going to do is play with lots of toys, get comfortable with your therapist, giving them the name and understanding. You can also walk them through the pictures online. It will also be very important to work with your therapist to find out how you can them why they’re coming. We love play therapy and are so excited to be partnering with y’all. So let us know if you have any questions.

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