Finding aTherapist Frisco TX doesn’t have to be a struggle. New Roots Counseling has nine experts who aim to help their community. We can help with a variety of situations whether they be parenting Solutions, divorce Solutions, kids counseling, couples counseling, individual counseling, we are able to help. Our team of Highly skilled therapists are driven to Aid their community in any way they can, regardless of what life is thrown at you. The betterment of our community is our passion.

Each experienced Therapist Frisco TX with New Roots Counseling actively Works to help their community Through the forms of counseling that they practice. Some of the counseling options that we offer for adults include trauma, depression, anxiety, as well as career development. We also offer women’s issues counseling, as well as postpartum depression counseling and mood concern counseling. our services aren’t limited to adults though, as we also care for the children. Whether they be teens, kids, or tweens, we are more than happy to help. We offer play therapy, trauma and grief support counseling, social skills development, anxiety and stress management, and many other goal-oriented counseling methods. We offer family counseling to help alleviate some of the strains and conflicts that can happen naturally. On top of that, in the unfortunate event of a divorce, we do have several options to help as well. Some of these Services include parent planning, parent coordination or facilitation, as well as collaborative divorce facilitation. Even in these painful times, it is important to understand how to best care for yourself as well as your children.

Each Therapist Frisco TX with New Roots Counseling is passionate about giving back to frisco. We as a company engage in several means. Our group chose several nonprofits to collaborate with this year. The 2024 nonprofits we are collaborating with are postpartum support International, Denton County Friends of the family, project transformation, refresh frisco, and lovepacs of Frisco. Groups like these are incredibly important to us, as we actively attempt to help our community grow into its happiest and healthiest self. acts of service like these reinforce the direction we as a company attempt to go.

At New Roots Counseling mental health is a serious topic. All of the nine experts collectively work towards our goal of meeting the needs of as many patients and members of the community as we can. The goal is to attempt to help relieve some of the burden that our community feels everyday. We consider our services to be an invaluable part of helping some people prosper.

If you’re ready to seek help, we are ready to hear from you. At New Roots Counseling, we Endeavor to make it as comfortable as possible seeking this help. To begin, Simply go to or call our phone number 214-307-2167. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Working with a Therapist Frisco TX has never been easier than at New Roots Counseling. As the highest rated Counseling group of Frisco Texas, our team of experts are uniquely qualified to help through many of the situations people struggle through in life. Whether it’s couple counseling, kids counseling, individual counseling for adults, parenting solutions, divorce solutions, or other forms of need, we are not able to help. Our team of high school therapists are ready and willing to do what they can to help you through the situation life throws at you. Our community is our passion, and we Endeavor to help however we can.

Each TalentedTherapist Frisco TX working with New Roots Counseling is a highly qualified member of their profession. These individuals have experience with various forms of counseling. For adults, counseling focuses can include anxiety, depression, trauma, or even career development, or counseling for women’s issues. We also offer counseling for postpartum concerns, other mood concerns, and many many other needs. In addition to the counseling options for adults, we offer counseling options for kids. Whether they be kids, tweens, or teens, we aim to lessen the burden that they feel day to day. Some of the methods that we use include play therapy, group support, social skills development, anxiety and stress management, as well as family counseling. We also offer many other goal oriented counseling methods. Family counseling can be a Cornerstone and healthy development for families who are experiencing strains on their relationships or conflicts amongst each other. Additionally, and the unfortunate event of a divorce we have several options to help guide you through the experience and graceful way. We offer collaborative divorce facilitation, parent coordination in the facilitation, as well as parent planning. Parent coordination facilitation helps to identify dispute issues as well as reduce misunderstandings and clarify priorities. exploring possibilities through this problem solving often helps minimize the negative impact that can occur for everyone involved.

Each Therapist Frisco TX involved in New Roots Counseling feels a deep Devotion to their community. with a company choosing to give back through as many means as possible. This includes working with several Local nonprofit companies. The ones we have chosen for 2024 include postpartum support international, Denton County Friends of the family, love packs of frisco, project transformation, and refresh frisco. We find it extremely important that our community grows in a way that is healthy for everybody. acts of service such as these are meant to symbolize emotional growth within the entire community. It is our opinion that the importance of these projects cannot be overstated.

We of New Roots Counseling endeavored to take mental health incredibly seriously. Our experts work together in order to meet the needs of as many patients and members of the community as possible while they work through the struggles that they are encountering. Our goal as a collective is to help as many people as we can, whether it be through our chosen profession or through the nonprofits we mentioned before. It is our passion to ensure that as many people as possible are helped.

finding the kind of help that is right for you can be difficult. we atNew Roots Counseling do everything in our power to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible to begin this process. by simply going to or reaching out to us at our phone number 214-307-2167 you can begin your journey today. We look forward to helping you as soon as possible.