Finding Counseling Frisco TX is easy with New Roots Counseling. We have a strong team of expert therapists who are able to help in myriad ways. Some of the situations that therapists are able to help with include counseling for couples, for children, for individuals, for families, as well as divorce facilitation and all the various facets involved in it. Our team of expert therapists are waiting and ready to Aid you, this is a passion of ours to help in the growth and well-being of our community.

Counseling Frisco TX is perfected by the therapist at New Roots Counseling. They offer different services for adults based on needs. Some of these services include counseling for anxiety, depression , trauma as well as career development. they’re also able to offer counseling for various mood issues, postpartum depression, and women’s issues. their expertise is not there, as our therapists are capable of counseling children. Whether they are twins, children, or teenagers, therapists are able to offer counseling methods that are beneficial for all. The examples include play therapy, social skill development, anxiety and stress management, and Trauma and grief support. There are many other counseling options that promote growth as well. Our therapist also provides couples counseling as well. Counseling methods involved in this can involve several steps. The first step is always a relationship assessment in which a counselor Begins by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the couple’s history, dynamics, and current challenges. things like this can lead to a better understanding of underlying issues and patterns that can cause some stress in the relationship.

Each wonderful therapist who is Counseling Frisco TX on behalf of New Roots Counseling is actively involved in the betterment of their community. the connections they build and feel are important to the quality of their work that they provide. An example of their times where they give back to the community include our company partnering with several nonprofits for the year of 2024. included are lovepacs of Frisco, project transformation, refresh Frisco, postpartum support international, and Denton County friends of family. Programs like these have supported the local community and help demonstrate our goal of community influence. This goal helps bring a happier and healthier Frisco to life.

All of us here at New Roots Counseling do our best to meet all the needs of our patients as well as the community at large regardless of how unique their situation is. Our experts are devoted to the growth of our community and to understanding the struggles that they’ve been going through every day. Day to day life in today’s world doesn’t have to be a solitary struggle anymore, as we Endeavor to help as many people as possible through our work.

getting the kind of help you need is not as difficult as it used to be. There are resources online, including reaching out to or call our phone number 214-307-2167 to find a therapist. All of you strive to help you achieve all of the goals you have with your counseling needs. We look forward to speaking to you soon.




Counseling Frisco TX | Coping and it’s Challenges

Counseling Frisco TX Is easy to find with New Roots Counseling. As the most reviewed and top rated counseling service in Frisco Texas, you can believe in our team of experts. Our therapists are able to offer help for many different types of situations you may be going through. We offer counseling programs for couples as well as for adults and for kids. These range from parenting solutions to divorce Solutions as well as counseling options for various emotional needs. Our team of Highly skilled therapists are ready and willing to help as we believe that we should be passionate about your growth and mental well-being as a member of our community.

Our therapists who are Counseling Frisco TX at New Roots Counseling are capable of helping through various forms of counseling. we’re able to offer counseling to families, individual adults, couples, children, and for more special situations such as divorce. For adults, counseling options do include things like trauma counseling, career development, depression, anxiety, and various other Mental Health necessities. We also offer counseling for women’s issues, as well as counseling for mood concerns, and postpartum depression. No matter what needs you have, we are willing to help in any way that we can. We also offer counseling for children. Whether they be a teen, A tween, or a kid, we have various counseling plans designed to assist in their development and their growth. We offer play therapy, anxiety and stress management, social skills development, and group support, as well as many other goal-oriented counseling methods. We also offer family counseling, which is often a foundational piece in the development of a family dynamic that is healthy. Oftentimes, family counseling is helpful and working through various conflicts and strains that can occur. Unfortunately, sometimes a divorce happens. When they do, we offer several services meant to Aid in that. At least it happened with us. In addition to the emotional counseling options, we do offer divorce counseling. This could come in the form of collaborative facilitation, as well as parenting planning, and parent coordination and facilitation. Parent planning is important because it helps to understand what is required by the state of Texas as well as what is developmentally appropriate for your child. T

Our therapists who are Counseling Frisco TX are passionate about developing a deep connection to their community. For all of us at New Roots Counseling it is important that our community has the chances it needs to grow in a healthy and productive way. In helping with that, we have chosen several non-profits to partner with. Our therapists chose the following nonprofit partner for 2024. They include lovepacs of Frisco, project transformation, refresh Frisco, postpartum support international, and Denton County friends of family. We have found programs such as these actively support the local community in a way that demonstrates productive growth.

New Roots Counseling is itself striving to meet all the needs of our patients, regardless of their unique situation. Our therapist Devotion to our community and the struggles each member of the community goes through runs deep. Daily life in today’s world can be a struggle, but together we can overcome it. We strive to help as many people in our community as we can. Counseling is an important part of health, as mental health is health.

In today’s world it is simpler than ever to find the correct counselor for you. just go to or call our phone number 214-307-2167 and we will begin the process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.