Jordan Carney

Counseling Frisco Tx Team Jordan Carney

Supervised by: Jessica Villarreal, Ph.D, LMFT-S, LPC-S


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If your teen or tween is struggling, and you’re completely at a loss… Jordan is who you need to see. Jordan has seen it all. She loves working with kids in this age range. She’s most passionate about partnering with families to create a more structured and supportive environment. This includes working to guide her teen and tween clients in improving communication and navigating tough life experiences. She also specializes in working with teens who have experienced traumatic events, struggle with substance use, have difficulties managing their anger, and/or have engaged in self-harming behaviors. It’s tough to rattle Jordan.

Therapy can be intimidating. Jordan wants to collaborate with her clients and their parents to create a comfortable environment where they can process life’s difficulties as they are ready to (but not in a way that they’ll feel rushed). Jordan’s goal is to help her clients increase awareness of their emotions so that they can then take back control over them. Jordan utilizes this skill to build a bridge of understanding between parents and their children.

Jordan’s clients often fit the following descriptions:

  • Families who have experienced traumatic events
  • Teens or adults who struggle with substance use
  • Teens or adults who struggle with self-harm/suicidal ideation, depression, or anxiety
  • Parents feeling out of control with parenting
  • Communication issues and conflict resolution
  • Teens who struggle with emotion regulation
  • Families navigating life transitions


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