Ashley Williams, LPC Associate

Counseling Frisco Tx About Ashley

Feeling stuck? Not sure what’s next? Ashley empowers young adults and adults navigating significant life transitions and those who desire more direction and clarity in their life. She specializes in working with those who have dating and relationships challenges, want to discover their purpose, and feel more confident. As someone who’s had hurdles in these areas, she understands how tough it can be to carry the weight alone.

Ashley believes that everyone needs a safe and non-judgmental space to process the junk and all of life’s challenges. She has a passion for coming alongside others during their toughest moments to provide support, empathy and positive problem-solving approaches. She believes that you are the expert of your own life and can overcome whatever you’re facing, no matter how heavy it feels. “I look forward to helping you discover a more empowered, confident and equipped version of yourself.”

Ashley’s clients often fit one of these profiles:

  • Young adults feeling anxious or discouraged about facing a quarter-life crisis and asking yourself “who am I?” or “what’s next?”
  • Folks lacking direction or fulfillment in relationships, career, and life purpose.
  • Individuals navigating a break-up and feeling unsure of how to heal, find joy, and move forward.
  • People desiring to have a more positive self-image, understand their identity and how to build a meaningful life


Ashley’s Specialties:

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Career Counseling
  • Identity and Life Purpose
  • Christian Counseling


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