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Based on Katherine Woodward’s Thomas’s best selling approach, Conscious Uncoupling is a goal-focused counseling process designed for people who want to go through the process of separating in a way that is thoughtful, intentional and forward focused.

It starts here:

Break-ups are incredibly painful. Maybe you are going through a divorce, or maybe you are separating from a long-term partner. Either way you are faced with many challenging questions…

How can I get through this? What now?

That question may feel scary, overwhelming, or even exciting for some. While everyone responds differently to separation, a few things we hear from almost everyone who comes through our doors is this:

I want to separate well
I don’t want this to be a lot of drama
I don’t want to cause any more pain than is necessary

Good news. It is possible to end your romantic partnership / marriage with dignity and respect… To make peace with what has happened. To let go of the heartbreak and pain and move forward with a renewed sense of peace and purpose.

Here is how our counselors help:

Step One: Learn ways to turn separation into something that feels safe and manageable.
Step Two: Process and let go of what was by learning to lean into what can be. It is never too late to redefine yourself!
Step Three: Identify and break old patterns that are holding you back. Learn new skills to build healthy relationships.
Step Four: Develop the ability to love and receive love again.
Step Five: Create a plan for a healthy life moving forward.
Step Six (For those navigating the legal process): Discover ways to lovingly separate, divide assets, and care for the kids moving forward.

Your breakup doesn’t need to ruin your life, make your kids an anxious mess, or drain your finances. By simply getting some assistance in walking through these steps from our experts, you can feel confident in the steps you are taking.


How does it work?

  1. Set up a time to meet with one of our specialists to learn more about you and your situation.
  2. Build a plan with your counselor for moving forward.
  3. Work through the plan and execute your action items.


This service is not designed to go on forever. Again, this is a finite process, set up to help you work through this transition beautifully, with dignity, respect and optimism.


Who We Think Should Receive this Service:

  1. Individuals who have been with their spouse / partner for many years
  2. Parents who are contemplating a separation that will impact their children.
  3. People who have a definite end of the relationship coming, but who are struggling to imagine their life without their partner / spouse.
  4. Anyone feeling like they may need some extra strength and support to get through a current or impending breakup.


Ready to get started? See our specialists: Katy Branchflower and Gracie Epping


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